Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: More like playing a game than reading

Gone Girl is clever, maybe too clever. The point of view characters are smart – smart ironic, rather than emotionally intelligent. The plot contains lots of twists and turns, most of which I foresaw, apart from those toward the end. By then the narrative had stretched so far into incredulity as it struggled to conform […]

Are teenaged girls just like that? Kirsten Krauth’s just_a_girl and Lolita: a response

This book should come with a warning. Anyone who cares for – or has been – a sexually precocious adolescent girl, be prepared for an emotionally harrowing read. just_a_girl tears into the fabric of contemporary culture. A Puberty Blues for the digital age, a Lolita with a webcam. It’s what happens when young girls are […]

What Came Before by Anna George

‘My name is David James Forrester. I’m a solicitor. Tonight, at 6.10, I killed my wife. This is my statement.’ This is the dramatic opening of What Came Before, the brilliant psychological thriller debut by Melbourne writer Anna George. The rest of the novel reveals how the murder came to happen. We see Forrester’s wife, […]

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