Warning: heavy weather and wonky posts

I’m a novice at blogging on WordPress.

Last week I tried importing old posts from my old Blogger site, not realising that these could end up broadcast to followers. (I thought I was creating an archive.)

It was only when I started to do the same for the new Australian Women Writers challenge page that I realised what could happen.

So, apologies to anyone following this blog if you were recently inundated with a list of old – blank or badly formatted – posts. I’ve been trying to get on top of things, but so far the technology continues to baffle me.

The following photo – which I also posted on the new AWW draft site – has no relevance to the content of this update, but it did inspire my title.

Adaminaby, August 2012
(photo by Rodney Weidland, used with permission)

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  1. I didn’t receive any wonky posts 😉 Having just migrated my blog from wordpress to my own hosted site I understand the issue. Don’t forget to check and change any internal links (ie pages on your blog that link to other pages on your blog). I had a late night trying to change most of them! And thanks for subscribing to the new blog 🙂


    • Oh, that’s a relief to know, Anna. I wonder why it happened on the other site? Mystery!

      I think I stuffed up my imported links by not keeping track of the “permalinks” before I switched the domain over. (Trying to migrate two blogs at once doesn’t make it easier!) Thankfully, there aren’t too many important posts.

      Congrats on your new site.


  2. I received a bunch of emails notifying me of various ‘pingbacks’- but i just assumed you were doing some re-organising of some sort, it didn’t bother me 🙂 Beautiful pic!


    • Thanks for letting me know, Jayne – I didn’t even think about the pingbacks! Glad you didn’t find it irritating.

      It is a lovely pic, isn’t it? It was a surprise to get snow this late in the season.



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