While we were in the mountains on the weekend, my neighbour rang to say we had a visitor hanging around our entrance – literally: an 8-foot python was draped around the pergola. She thought we might be away so, just in case, she roped off our path with a sign saying, “Warning: snake ahead.”

Later she saw it climb up a palm tree and onto our roof.

Last night, when we returned home, we had a nervous few minutes making our way to the door, imagining every wind-rustled branch and vine to be the python swinging down to greet us. With still no sign of it this morning, I’m wondering if it might have slithered into the roof cavity and scared off the pesky possum who keeps peeing through the ceiling.

I’m not sure which lodger I’d prefer: at least the snake would make less noise and keep the native rats and bandicoots away.

Here’s a photo our neighbour sent us – taken on Saturday from her balcony, looking down at our roof.

Where did it go from here?

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