Crowdsource request: help spread the AWW database word to Aussie libraries on Facebook

Today Shoalhaven Libraries blog, The Readers’ Haven, posted their AWW completion page. In it, they wrote:

Here at Nowra Library we displayed and promoted books written by Aussie women for most of 2012, with great success. Loans and circulation of these books increased noticeably throughout the year and it was great to see a wide range of borrowers walk out the door with newly discovered Australian reads.

How many libraries could boost circulation of books by Australian women with such a simple promotion?

After seeing The Readers’ Haven’s post, I challenged some libraries on Twitter to visit the new AWW list of reviews . The City of Boroondara Library responded with a link to their Facebook page where they posted the link to the new AWW site and asked their followers to pick their favourite reads from the AWW lists.

That’s fantastic. They’re willing to do their bit. But, as of the time of writing this blog post, nobody has commented on their link.

The kind social media contact at Boroondara Library also posted an array of book covers of recent releases by authors Paddy O’Reilly, Emily Maguire, Mary-Rose MacColl, Bronwyn Parry, Lisa Walker, Hannah Richell, Deborah O’Brien and Jo Spurrier. The library is obviously keen to promote books by Australian women. And if they’re keen, maybe other libraries would be too – if they knew about the challenge and the list of reviews?

The problem is, how do we get the word out about this fantastic new resource – 1300+ reviews of books by Australian women – and help overcome the problem of gender bias in Australia’s literary review pages?

The answer? Crowdsourcing. Together, we can show the libraries that there’s a whole, vibrant online community of reviewers and readers (and users of Facebook) who are passionate about supporting home-grown writers.

So here’s the call: AWW participants and writers on Facebook, could you please visit City of Boroondara Library’s Facebook page and tell them some of your favourite AWW reads for 2012. Show them we enjoy local writers and appreciate librarians who support and promote them. And while you’re there, how about sharing the new link with one or more of the many libraries on Facebook?

The following list gives the Facebook links to libraries around Australia gleaned from AWW’s Aussie Libraries Facebook page. (I knew this information would come in handy one day.) If someone has posted the link on the library page before you, please make a comment – or “Like” their page, if they’re local to you. You can post either a link to the AWW Blog summary of genres page, or to one of the pages on the new Weebly site e.g. 2012 releases or Children’s fiction page. If you do take leave a link, let others know by mentioning it in the comments below. Between us, we should be able to spread the word.

If you know of any more libraries on Facebook, please leave the links in the comments below.

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  1. This is the FB account for Blue Mountains City Council but it’s mostly library stuff.


  2. annabelsmith

     /  November 29, 2012

    Hi Elizabeth. I’ve commented on the Boorondara Library page and also posted a link on the Stirling Libraries page Hope you get some other responses


    • Thanks, Annabel, that’s great. It’s exactly what I was hoping people might do. It’s all very well for me to go round hassling libraries (and booksellers), but one voice is easy to dismiss. If they see more readers commenting and taking an interest in books by Australian women, they’ll know there’s a lot of us out here.


  3. Jennifer McLaren

     /  November 29, 2012

    I hope this can help: My local library, Ku-Ring-Gai, has a facebook page (‘Ku-Ring-Gai Library’), but when I copy/paste the link, it takes you to the council facebook page. But if you search for Ku-Ring-Gai, you’ll find their facebook page.


  4. Timothy

     /  November 30, 2012

    Well, some of the reviews in AWW are from Gold Coast Library Service!/GCLibraries?fref=ts via out blog at


  5. Wodonga Library’s FB is here: I haven’t done anything AWW related yet (although I think it got a mention early this year at the Stella Prize IWD gathering), but I might manage that in the new year.


    • Thanks for the link, Heidi. It would be great to make a feature of books by Australian women in the lead up to the Stella Prize announcement in April. Also, it would be fascinating to know whether such initiatives boost circulation.


  6. I left a link and a prompt to join the 2013 challenge on the City of Melbourne Library Service, Knox Library and State Library of Victoria Facebook pages.


  7. Anonymous

     /  December 30, 2012

    I’m doing my bit of crowd sourcing on twitter, as many libraries and library professionals are on it. The AWW database is valuable source for ready Readers Advisory for borrowers and Librarians alike! thanks.


  1. Taking on the Australian Women Writers Challenge for 2013 | Reactions to Reading

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