Blog blunders or the perils of hosting two blogs on the Australian Women Writers I published a wonderful review by poet Debra Zott of Susan Johnson’s My Hundred Lovers.  Deb was keen to know when the post would be up and I told her 10 o’clock.

10am came and went. Nothing. Deb emailed, wondering where the post was. I jumped onto WordPress – and tinkered with the schedule, adding 10 minutes.

Still no post on the AWW site. Hmm.

Then I discovered my time settings have been out by an hour. That was easy enough to fix. But why had the schedule ‘reverted’ to the earlier set time?

Deb emailed again – what was with the blank post with her review in the title that I’d linked to my Facebook page? Blank post??

That’s when I realised the schedule I’d tinkered with was of a back up of her review which I’d put on my personal blog – a post I’d since wiped, forgetting about the title. (You’d think I’d have noticed a blank page when I fiddled with the schedule, but I do have a one-track mind.) The tinkered-with schedule had broadcast the blank post automatically via Facebook and Twitter, as well as to this blog’s followers.

Whoops! Almost as bad as when I wrote “bog” in a title, instead of “blog”. Very professional.

So sorry about sending out the blank post. Now you’re here, why don’t you jump across to the AWW blog and read Deb’s review. But before you go, do you have any blog blunders you’d like to share?

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  1. Oh dear, I hope my emails weren’t a nuisance 😉 It was the alert to the link with “page not found” that made me email. Glad it is working now. 🙂


    • No nuisance at all!! It helped me figure out what happened so I could delete the tweets, etc!! Mind you, posting your review on the first day of summer in a heatwave mightn’t have been the cleverest of timing, either. 🙂


  2. Oh yes, I’ve published a couple of very rough drafts by mistake. Excruciating … meant to hit SAVE and hit PUBLISH instead. I had to quickly change them back to draft and keep working, but if you do that, when they are finished they just get published under their original timestamp which means if you’ve published other posts since, noone sees the proper post. I hadn’t done it for the longest time and then did it a month or so ago with Sefi Atta’s A bit of difference and forgot that I needed to change the publication date. She didn’t get the expose she deserved. Such an embarrassing kerfuffle.


    • Oh, that is annoying! Almost worth putting it in a new post? (I’m thinking further down the track here in case of emergencies.)

      The solution for me, of course, is to write the draft on my computer and back-up properly, but that’s not always easy when crossing platforms, using a standalone PC, Mac laptop, iPad, travelling.

      At least now I have the AWW time settings right and the “contributor” facility appears to be working. It’s progress.



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